February 2010

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Hosting: Your options

Choosing hosting is more than just choosing the company that offers the best features for you. Hosting products can vary drastically based on the infastructure the company offers, and some companies offer more than one type of hosting setup.

At CatN we think we’ve found the perfect solution, balancing performance with security, but lets look at the other options so you can see why our solution is so good!

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WordPress VIP hosting for the rest of us

As you may have read, TechCrunch, a blog focused on profiling and reviewing internet products, was hacked a couple of weeks ago.

They were using Rackspace’s hosting service, but if you run a traceroute on the TechCrunch domain you’ll see that it’s now pointing to wordpress.com. Even more of a giveaway, they have changed the hosting tag in the footer of their site, so it now says, “Powered by WordPress.com VIP“.

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Why WordPress is the most popular CMS

Is WordPress the best blog/content management system available? We think so, and in 2009 the Open Source CMS Awards thought so too! Lets have a look at what makes WordPress so popular.

According to Technorati’s most 100 visited blogs and CMS wire’s research, and Pingdom’s recent review of the blogging market, WordPress blogs claim at least a 27% market share. If the wordpress.com hosted blogs are to be included, that figure could be as high as 36%.
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Speculations on the Facebook PHP Rumours…

Rumours abound this weekend, and as usual in such matters, details are thin on the ground. Did that meeting really happen? And who is this lonesome coder supposedly re-writing PHP for the last two years? Is it a new runtime or a compiler? Someone knows, and for sure something is afoot, but what is it?

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