March 2010

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Why do we use SSH instead of telnet?

Telnet (Terminal Network) is a protocol that commonly provides a virtual text-based command line interface at a remote location.

Telnet clients (the software that implements the telnet protocol) are built into virtually every operating system available, and if not available natively, there are many options available for download, such as PuTTY, AbsoluteTelnet, and TeraTerm. It is worth noting that these clients do not only offer telnet implementation, but usually also offer at least SSH implementation as well.
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We’re developing

The CatN blog has been a little quiet recently, but not without good reason.

The website, control panel, and support section that we launched as beta have all been getting a makeover, (or started from scratch in some cases), and are being prepared for our official product launch.

Here’s a quick summary of what we have been working on:

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