Over the last few weeks Harry Ford, from sixcrayons.com and fordoing.co.uk, and I have been working intensely on designing and writing copy for the new CatN web site to accompany the launch of our vCluster hosting product, and new Control Panel to accompany the vCluster.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked together to design the CatN web site, CatN version 2.8 or maybe 3.1 (I lose count), is the most recent version and featured the much loved, but never missed CatN huskies, and the tag line “Ultimate pulling power for your site…” ahem.

With the over haul of the back end of the vCluster, a change in the billing system, and a brand new theme for the Control Panel, we grabbed the opportunity to revamp the CatN site, go into detail about the products key features and move on from the CatN huskies. It’s been emotional.

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