June 2010

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Does the UK Government get value for money?

The COI (Central Office of Information) released the annual report for government websites at the end of June 2010, giving us an insight into expenditure for all sections of government informational websites, and analytical data such as visitor numbers.

This data has allowed us to carry out our own CatN analysis and apply our billing metrics and pricing packages to central government sites data. It is worth noting that these sites are purely static content with some search functions and other small scripts.

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Benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is often referred to as an “up and coming” technology that is, “the future”, and it is certainly taking the IT industry by storm. Cloud computing is already here and if there was ever a buzz word, “Cloud” is certainly it!

In fact it has been predicted that by 2012 85% of Fortune 1000 companies will be using a cloud hosting solution or infrastructure. Clearly more than an “up and coming” technology!

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vCluster Billing System

After many weeks of development I am happy to announce the release of the CatN Control Panel 1.1, a complete billing system, and the finalised pricing page.

You can view our vCluster packages and allowances, usage prices, and support packages at catn.com/vcluster/pricing/. If you’re yet to add a payment method please remember you have until the 15th July, and if you’re deciding to leave us, a big thank you for all the feedback you gave over the development process.

Let’s take a quick look at the new releases…
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Getting to Grips With SSH – Part 3

Welcome to the third guide in the series of blog posts helping you to understand basic SSH commands to aid your development.

In the previous part, you learned how to connect to your vCluster using SSH. This is a good starting point, but not very useful on its own. In this part we will be learning how to navigate your vCluster using SSH commands. It’s pretty easy though!

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Getting to grips with SSH – Part 2

Welcome to the second guide in the series, taking you through the basics of ssh, and some simple ssh commands to use.

Getting Started

First things first, you need to add your ssh key to your CatN vCluster settings. ┬áThere’s a great tutorial Adding your ssh key to your vCluster for achieving this on Mac OSX and Windows. Once your ssh key has been added to your vCluster you can connect using ssh.

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Getting to grips with SSH – Part 1

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs taking you through the basics of using SSH commands, not only to access your CatN vCluster, but for general network administration.

If you’re not sure what ssh is, or you want to jump to vCluster specific instructions for SSH have a look here: What is a shell environment?, here: SSH access for your vCluster, and here: SSH key pairs.

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