July 2010

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Cloud provider sign up check list

With a plethora of cloud hosting services available to the market it is becoming more difficult to find a provider that suits your specific needs.

I decided to put together a list of questions to help you analyse exactly the service a cloud provider can offer you, to help your move to a cloud platform go as smoothly as possible.

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How do large web sites benefit from cloud provisioning?

A cloud hosting platform offers many benefits. These are often reduced to four main categories, Cost, Stability, Security, and Scalability. You can read about these categories in more detail in a previous blog post…

For large websites arguably the two most important benefits are scalability and cost, and in a cloud environment they are closely linked. The nature of a cloud platform allows resources to be allocated and removed as a sites demand scales, which is reflected in the expenditure required from the business as quantities of resources are consumed. Read More

Getting to Grips With SSH – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth blog in the series of posts teaching you basic SSH commands.

In this part, we will be building on what you learnt last time to improve your directory navigating, and also going over some more advanced switches.

Once again you will need to connect to your vCluster, and once again I will refer you to the tutorial on connecting to your vCluster. If you haven’t read the third part yet, then you can find it in Getting to grips with SSH part 3.

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