December 2010

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Getting to Grips With SSH – Part 6

Welcome to the sixth part in the series. The series that is the easiest way to get started with SSH.

In the last part, we got to know a powerful terminal text editor, so you will probably have a few more files on your server that you want to move around. So in this part we will be going over the final few commands that can be used to manipulate files. This includes the likes of copying, moving and renaming. After you know these you should be the master of file navigation and manipulation. If you haven’t yet read the previous part, you can find that here: Getting to Grips with SSH Part 5.

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Getting your site Indexed

Following the setup of your CatN vCluster the next step is to have your website indexed by the search engines.

This is a fairly simple task that could take anything from a few hours to a couple of weeks In fact SEO is an ongoing task if you want to keep your website on the front page of Google for your chosen keywords.

The 4 main search engines at the moment are:

Google Logo Yahoo Logo
Ask Logo Bing Logo

The following steps will help you to get your website indexed in the major search engines quickly.

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