April 2011

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Experiences with Innovation Launch Pad

One the 28th March 2011, the UK Government launched the website www.innovationlaunchpad.spigit.com with the intention of creating an easy way for SME’s to submit business proposals to Government.

There are five stages to to ILP (Innovation Launch Pad) proposal process. The following is from the ILP site (https://www.innovationlaunchpad.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/Page/TheChallenge).

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WPSQT – Creating custom pages

Plenty of WPQST users have been requesting custom page creation documentation, so here it is! As usual, if you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Step One – Creating the directory

Firstly create the custom directory. The name and required location of the custom directory can be found on the quiz or survey details page, it will be highlighted with a yellow background. It will look something like…


You should create this directory and then copy the folders from pages/site into the custom directory. You’re custom directory should have the following layout for a quiz.

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Welcome to the new CatN!

Welcome to the new look CatN hosting! With the launch of the new site CatN enters a very exciting period of development with the addition of new products and the hardening of current ones.

I will continue to post on the progress of vCluster development, but in the mean time let’s take a look at the the new site.

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