June 2011

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Innovation Launch Pad mentoring stages

Following the voting stage outlined in my previous two posts (Experiences with Innovation Launch Pad & Innovation Launch Pad Update), my proposal to save the Government £17,880,000 on their web hosting finished in third position. Based on the Approval Rating I’m happy to say that I was invited to the mentoring stages of the program.

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Innovation Launch Pad Update

Following on from my previous post, ‘Experiences with Innovation Launch Pad‘, I have an update about how my proposal is getting on!

We’re now in the final stages of the process, stage 5 out of 6, and the best proposals are now being picked for the last stage in July.

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Using The Google Keyword Tool

The Google keyword tool is a great asset when doing your keyword research, it allows you to view the search volumes, keyword competition and estimated cost per click.

When doing keyword research you need to look out for some specific things to determine whether the keyword is worth targeting. The first thing you look at is the search volume. You need to know this so you can determine whether the keyword is worth targeting or not, if the keyword only gets 10 searches per month its fairly safe to say you’ll be wasting your time.

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