July 2011

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Using Git for WordPress Development SCM Instead of Subversion

Git is a distributed version control system. This means that every git clone is a full repository with complete history and revision tracking. Git differs from Subversion because Subversion has one central server and the clients just commit to it. This is why git is so much easier to use for ‘social coding’ and that is where Github spawned from.

This is why I prefer to use git and Github for the source code management and use the WordPress svn repository only as a distribution channel. That works for me, easy to use source control but also a distribution channel that’s accessible to the users. WordPress try to make you solely use Subversion – but you don’t have to!

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CatN goes to Downing Street

As you may have read in my previous posts, CatN made it to the final stages of the Innovation Launchpad. I was invited to pitch my proposal to a panel of over 100 senior civil servants. Stephen Allot, Crown Commercial Representative (“CCR”) for SMEs at Cabinet Office, commented that, “There is no other room in Europe today that holds as much buying power as this one”.

CatN was in the second phase of presentations for the day and we were pitching to a technical panel, different from the first panel of NHS and DWP experts. Our objective was to engage with Government and make the most of the amazing shortcut that the ILP process had given us.

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WordCamp UK 2011

The CatN Team at Wordcamp UKWordCamp UK 2011 kicks off today at Portsmouth University and CatN, as a Gold sponsor, is here. We have set up our stall in the foyer and are keen to introduce attendees to our products.

If you’re attending WordCamp this weekend come and say hello, sign up for our beta test which will give you a free account for the weekend, and let us show you around our range of products.

Site Architecture

Site architecture is an important part of any SEO campaign, you need to have your website in top shape on page before you can think about building backlinks or marketing it effectively.

Search engines love a clean URL structure, they dont want to see ugly URLs like:


Search engines want to see people look after their sites, treat them with care and love, search engines like sites with URLs like this:


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