October 2011

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G-Cloud Foundation Delivery Partner

Following our success in Innovation Launchpad we have been meeting with various Government departments and civil servants to discuss projects that we can be involved in. The most exciting of these was the new G-Cloud programme, essentially a strategy to begin moving Government IT services to cloud providers. We can view the services we offer on our G-cloud page.

CatN was invited to become a foundation delivery partner and early adopter of the programme. Following various scoping sessions in the new year we will be offering our services in a cloud catalogue, allowing Government to procure on-demand computing services. This will cut out the long 10 year plus contracts that projects are tied in on, and massively reduce expenditure, as well as agility in procuring services. Of course all the benefits that cloud computing offers such as elasticity and resilience will also play a huge factor in improving the way Government procures IT, and also how much it costs them!

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Current Situation Regarding WPSQT and CDN Sync Tool

Due to a recent departure of the developer maintaining WPSQT and CDN Sync Tool there has been a lapse in development and maintenance of both of these plugins. For this we apologise.

I have now picked up on the maintenance of these two plugins and so bugs and issues should start to be resolved. If you encounter a bug while using either of these plugins we would appreciate it if you could submit a bug report to the GitHub repo for WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool. Although if you do not have a GitHub account then you can report the issue to the forum for either WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool.

Update [13/12/2011]: With the latest WordPress 3.3 update CDN Sync Tool is now very broken. I am in the process of rewriting it entirely to fix these issues and all other issues as well. No definite ETA but it should be ready before the new year.

Update [13/03/2012]: CDN Sync Tool has been completely rewritten and released. Full details here.

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Making a Custom WordPress Install

As a WordPress developer, making websites and plugins is a good challenge and highly rewarding experience with WordPress. The only annoying thing when developing WordPress across a number of different locations is the install.

Automattic have done a great job streamlining the install process with choice of a GUI or text interface to get the configurations all setup. But one aspect they haven’t work on so much yet is a custom WordPress install; there is no official option as of yet to build a WordPress package that will automatically install and activate plugins that you chose but that’s not to say there isn’t one though!

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