Due to a recent departure of the developer maintaining WPSQT and CDN Sync Tool there has been a lapse in development and maintenance of both of these plugins. For this we apologise.

I have now picked up on the maintenance of these two plugins and so bugs and issues should start to be resolved. If you encounter a bug while using either of these plugins we would appreciate it if you could submit a bug report to the GitHub repo for WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool. Although if you do not have a GitHub account then you can report the issue to the forum for either WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool.

Update [13/12/2011]: With the latest WordPress 3.3 update CDN Sync Tool is now very broken. I am in the process of rewriting it entirely to fix these issues and all other issues as well. No definite ETA but it should be ready before the new year.

Update [13/03/2012]: CDN Sync Tool has been completely rewritten and released. Full details here.


The main issues that have been reported with WPSQT are:

  • Multisite – plugin doesn’t work at all
  • Email notifications
  • Menus are over complex and confusing
  • Customisation wanted with the survey chart
  • Lots of issues with the ‘likert’ type

CDN Sync Tool

The main issues that have been reported with CDN Sync Tool are:

  • Syncing occasionally doesn’t even work
  • Edited files are not synced
  • Errors connecting to CloudFiles

We appreciate your help and continued use of these plugins.

Ollie Armstrong Software Developer

Ollie works on WordPress plugins, supporting CatN systems and other projects. Still in college, he might be the youngest Zend certified developer in the UK!