Feel your WordPress plugin page needs a little something more? Then try adding a banner!

It seems this little under advertised feature of the plugin directory is really easy to do and makes your page look that much better. I recently added a banner to Simply Poll plugin page and it looks really swish now.

Here’s the 3 steps to doing so:

  1. You need to create a PNG image with the dimensions 772 pixels wide by 250 pixels heigh. Note: make sure you don’t put anything critical towards the bottom left of the image as this is where the name of the plugin appears.
  2. Create a new folder within the root of your plugin’s subversion directory called `assets` and save the image in that folder with the file name `banner-772x250.png`
  3. svn stat the SVN folder and then commit and you’ll have yourself a banner on the plugin page.

I’m interested to see if this increases the number of downloads for a plugin as it does make the page stand out more so than other plugin pages.

Neil Sweeney Web Developer

Neil was a front-end developer working on Fubra World projects. He does a bit of gaming, music, photography, snowboarding & rodent taming.