February 2012

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Decommission servers; securely destroying data and recycling

Server decommissioning with an eye to protecting data and saving the environment

Here at CatN HQ we have invested quite a lot of time, effort and money in upgrading our server capabilities in advance of launching the new version of vCluster on our new infrastructure. One of the consequences of this is that we now have some old servers that need to be decommissioned.

This presents a problem in that there are quite a few regulations that need to be followed with regard to Electronic and Electrical Equipment waste and securely removing data from the disks.

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Value for money: one year on

At the end of June last year I published a report entitled ‘Does the UK Government get value for money?‘ which analysed the COI’s ‘Reporting on Progress 2009/10′ document. The publication listed key website metrics such as page views, hosting expenditure, and page requests for departmental customer facing websites, not backend applications. Using these metrics I was able to calculate figures such as the cost per request for each department and specific departmental websites in order to analyse performance.

Following this report there was a reasonable amount of press interest, it also formed the basis of my Innovation Launchpad presentations which took me to the final stage (and Downing Street) as one of ten. Now the Cabinet Office has published the 2010/2011 edition of the report it gives me the opportunity to revisit my initial findings and see whether or not if, after a year of lobbying, the UK Government’s new ICT strategy does in fact get value for money.

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