March 2012

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Installing WordPress Multi-Site on Apache localhost using Sub-Domains

One of the often missed features of WordPress is the ability to run more than one site off it. It’s thought that WordPress can be a bit bloated at time with the number of database connections it does, but so long as you keep those connections under control with page caching, then WordPress can have many sites running from a single install; this is exactly how (a network of hosted WordPress blogs) works.

There are a number of blogs out there that will explain to you how to install a WordPress Multi-Site on your localhost, but they’ll use the sub-folder method, which is fine but I like working from the root. So I’ll try to explain why I use a multi-site install, how you can use it and will explain how to get it working on your localhost with sub-domains.

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Work Experience at CatN

This week I’ve been working at Fubra Ltd and focusing on the design side of things. I’ve been working with Nick mainly. Although I didn’t have a major understanding of the technical side of CatN after researching a bit and talking to the developers I began to understand the idea of vClusters and pClusters.

When I arrived I was given a task brief for the week, but first I had to research some more about CatN, vClusters and pClusters.
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CDN Sync Tool 2.0 Released

As you are probably aware, CDN Sync Tool has been very broken for a while and actually unusable since the WordPress 3.3 update.

I have now released version 2.0 of the plugin which has been completely rewritten from the ground up to work better and faster. It is now also fully compatible with WP 3.3.x upwards. There are a couple of features that have been excluded from this version because a lot more work is required on them.

Before updating you have to be aware that your CST settings will not be preserved through this update and will have to be reentered.

There will likely still be bugs in this release so if there is anything you come across then please use the email form in the plugin help tab or send an email to our support team at

You can download the latest version from the WordPress plugin directory or update through the WordPress built in plugin updater.

Thank you for your continued patience while this work was being carried out.

Why I don’t use (long term) product roadmaps

I don’t use product roadmaps because I am not psychic.

Product roadmaps certainly have their value in determining an initial path in the early days of a product, but as soon as you start interacting with customers / users (which arguably should be straight away) the product roadmap becomes redundant. Don’t get me wrong, in some companies a roadmap is very valuable, but in CatN we work in an Agile way and defining the plan for a product over a two year period does not fit in with this methodology.

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