April 2012

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Introducing Alex

Hello, my name is Alex Bisogiannis and a few months ago I joined the CatN team as a Storage Architect. I thought I would introduce myself on the CatN blog and share my experience and the previous projects I have worked on. I recently moved to England from Greece and soon my wife and three children will be joining me in (currently) sunny Farnham, Surrey!

My expertise lie in the following areas, and as my title would suggest I am a specialist storage architect focusing on building scalable, highly available storage clusters to various requirements depending on the project.

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A Fortnight in Fubra

I have almost completed my two weeks of work experience at Fubra (give or take a few days for the Easter holidays) and overall I’ve really valued the experience and what I have learnt during my time here.

As I am a student of Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University, Fubra is just the sort of company that would coincide perfectly with the skills that I am currently developing at uni. The friendly, accepting community of employees that work here and the environment in which they work make this place an easy transition from the uni world to the full-time employment world.

I was expecting to be working on a web design project when I joined the team at Fubra but instead I was given the task of producing a short promotional, informative video/animation to raise awareness of Cloud Hosting and its benefits over computer hardware servers. I was happy to accept this challenge as I had worked with Adobe Flash CS5 at university, and the idea that we had for the video would also give me an opportunity to develop my skills with Adobe After Effects CS5.

The project is coming along really well and I’m hoping that it will be finished by the end of this week. I’ve really enjoyed working at Fubra and would be happy to come back in the summer to complete my required 4 weeks of work experience.

Introduction from the new CatN guy


So this is the end of my first week as Product manager here at CatN and there has been a lot to learn and do! I come from a Hosted Exchange background and while there are plenty of similarities there is also a lot of new stuff to learn here which is great!

I’ve been in one of the DC’s moving a SAN and installing servers, helping me get a better understanding of the hardware side of the business, as well as getting the lowdown on the existing services and services being launched over the next 6 months. I’ve also got to grips with writing wiki articles and learnt the basics of wiki mark-up language.
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