September 2012

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Thomas Cook Online migrates to a pCluster

Thomas Cook Online calls on CatN’s pCluster private cloud platform to host European e-commerce sites

Thomas Cook Online has chosen CatN Hosting to host its European e-commerce sites and ancillary services.

The seven figure deal, finalised today, sees CatN become Thomas Cook’s incumbent hosting provider for its entire Western Europe e-commerce operations, including, which has a combined annual turnover in excess of one billion GBP.

The agreement comes on the back of recent work by CatN, initially brought in by Thomas Cook as a skunkworks operation, which has resulted in the successful consolidation of fragmented online systems across seven data centres. CatN was briefed to drive IT efficiency and provide options for Thomas Cook, as the company encountered difficulties meeting its agile deployment requirements.

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vCluster Development Update 2

As I said in my previous vCluster update post earlier this month, I want to publish regular updates as we approach the launch of vCluster version 2. So what have we been working on over the last few weeks, and what have we achieved?

Database Migrations

As existing customers will have seen, we have carried out three maintenance windows over the last couple of weeks. These windows were to migrate and virtualise our existing production database servers to new hardware, and to perform a round of software updates on the new guests.

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