October 2012

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On-load Generator Test


On Tuesday the 6th of November 2012 we will be performing an on-load generator test at our Manor Coach House Aldershot facility.

This will involve isolating our data suite from the national grid and operating solely on generator and UPS power. This will run for an hour as we test generator operation and increase the temperature and pressure of the engine to test generator function.

This work is considered ‘at risk’ as there is a very small chance that there may be adverse affects from the test, however this is extremely unlikely. Carrying out tests of this manner are an important of site maintenance for any data centre and ensure that all equipment is operating correctly.

You can follow further updates about this test on our @CatNNOC Twitter account.

vCluster Development Update 3

Following on from vCluster update number 2 I have plenty more to share with you as we approach the private beta stage of vCluster development.

Rapid Deployment

An important part of the vCluster stack is the ability to deploy the entire virtual environment very quickly and with as little manual involvement as possible. This is not only part of our long term plan to offer availability zones, but also makes us able to rapidly repsond as resource and availability requirements change.

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T minus 1 year and counting – is your router about to go boom‽

In approximately one year’s time, the global routing table will grow past the magic 512000 prefix mark and render millions of routers unable to carry the global routing table. If you operate a router with BGP on a public AS number, you should probably read on.

Every so often seismic events happen in the tech world, such as the Millennium and leap second bugs, hash collisions and IPv4 depletion. All of these events have the ability to wreak havoc far and wide, but before I go into the detail of what’s about to happen, let me first give you a bit of background.

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How can central government better understand the SME marketplace?

Francis MaudeAs an SME looking to engage with central government procurement we have recently found ourselves caught in a paradoxical situation where Francis Maude’s IT project management guidelines.

These urge government procurement to have greater engagement with SMEs in order to promote the delivery of more successful IT projects – is completely at odds with the reality of recent Government Procurement Service framework requirements.

Historically, SMEs have been reluctant to engage with government procurement due in part to the onerous paperwork associated with gaining access to frameworks; with this in mind I was fairly sceptical when the MD set me the task to get CatN onto the Government Procurement Service framework. Was this going to be a massive waste of time? Did we have any hope of being able to tick all the boxes? Even if we did get through the framework acceptance process would we actually win any contracts? I was asked to track the progress I made and identify all costs associated with getting onto the framework, in order to build up a ‘price’ of getting to the point of submission of the framework document. This would be used as a case study and also to test the GPS’s commitment to minister Maude’s project management guidelines.

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