March 2013

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Theme from a (fri)day at CatN

Following on from Joe’s recent post ‘Ultimate storms beware, you CatN touch this‘ we’ve carried on the theme of misspelling CatN by creating a tenuously linked playlist.

A bit of friday afternoon fun, we decided to create a CatN playlist with all our favourite songs which had ‘Cat’ or ‘Can’t’ in either the song title or artist name and share it with the world!

Let us know your favourite songs which we’ve missed, and why they should be included -┬áif we like your suggestion then you could be made (in)famous for all time by your song being included in the privileged “CatN top 20″ list.

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Ultimate storms beware, you CatN touch this

Oil Rig Platform

Branding a product can be tough. Tougher still is branding the company or division behind a range of products. I often get asked why we are called CatN. I also often hear the name pronounced incorrectly – Cap’n, Cat’n, C-A-T-N and various others. For the record it is pronounced ‘Cat En’!

The decision to go with CatN as a business name is based on the initial project vision to provide products that sit in the platform-as-a-service space.

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Is the Government listening to SME feedback?

Since my last blog post concerned with Francis Maude’s mandate for Central Government to engage with SMEs, there have been a number of interesting developments.

In addition to blogging about my recent experiences with the GPS framework, I submitted feedback on our experience to the Cabinet Office ‘Mystery Shopper’ scheme, giving objective reasons for why we felt that the framework process and requirements were obstructive to SMEs.

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Presenting the all new CatN website, reducing the clutter and cleaning the cobwebs


Although we are concentrating our efforts on the upcoming launch of vCluster version 2, we have been working on a redesign of the website as a side task over the past few months.

Our focus on this version was to cut the clutter and get straight to the point, which has led to a sleeker, more stylish and polished design that is better organised and hopefully less confusing. Taking inspiration from previous versions we have redesigned the entire site to generate a cleaner, tidier interface with the intention of providing information that is concise and easier to locate.

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On-load Generator Test

On Tuesday the 5th of March 2013 we will be performing an on-load generator test at our Manor Coach House Aldershot facility. This will involve isolating our data suite from the national grid and operating solely on generator and UPS power. This will run for an hour as we test generator operation and increase the temperature and pressure of the engine to test generator function.

This period is considered ‘at risk’ as there is a very small chance that there may be adverse affects from the test, however this is extremely unlikely. Carrying out tests of this manner are an important of site maintenance for any data centre and ensure that all equipment is operating correctly.

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