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This event brings together people from the CentOS Communities to talk about systems administration, best practises and emerging technologies. You can read more about the event and the speakers on the CentOS Dojo event page.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20132:44 pm

Here’s the link to the FreeIPA project. We’re starting to use this more and more ourselves, it helps us meet the enhanced security requirements of our clients. http://www.freeipa.org/page/Main_Page

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20132:09 pm

Don’t get monkeys to do your cabling – good tip. ;)

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20131:33 pm

No vendor drivers sounds good to me.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20131:33 pm

Infiniband works with CentOS out of the box? Awesome!

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201312:07 pm

Did you just see Star Wars? I definitely just saw Star Wars…

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:59 am

It sounds like Jon and Etsy work in an Agile way. Would be interested to learn more.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:53 am

Here’s the kickstart https://github.com/jonlives/centosdojo_resources/blob/master/centosdojo.ks

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:49 am

Here’s the GitHub link Jon just mentioned https://github.com/jonlives/centosdojo_resources

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:49 am

Fingers crossed for Jon’s live demo! Looking good so far. Interesting to see a drill down into how it is built.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:39 am

Nice quick deployment process then ;)

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:17 am

Lots of good questions from the audience after this talk.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:16 am

Information about btrfs is here: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:14 am

The dulcet tones of Paul Maunders there!

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:13 am

Interesting to hear that Red Hat are now heavily backing OpenStack with 20 developers working to contribute to the project.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:10 am

We use Openstack to power our private cloud product MicroStack. http://catn.com/microstack

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201311:01 am

A windows-ism? Nice! :)

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:44 am

Good question about XenServer being built for use on Arm. Xen already works on Arm, the plan is to get XenServer packages working in the near future.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:39 am

Good to hear that XenServer is aiming to become a “good open source citizen”!

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:17 am

Really helpful terminology slide from David Scott.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:09 am

“I love watching Yum working!” Great quote from David Scott :)

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:05 am

Dave Scott’s Twitter account is here: https://twitter.com/mugofsoup

Joe Gardiner July 12, 201310:04 am

Check out the XenServer homepage for more information http://www.xenserver.org/

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20139:59 am

Off we go, looking forward to a great day of talks.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20139:44 am

Great to see so many people getting ready to follow the live stream. Enjoy the show guys. Only 5 minutes or so until we get started.

Joe Gardiner July 12, 20139:15 am

The countdown has started for the first talks. We’re planning on getting started at 10am. Remember to use the #CentOSDojo hash tag when tweeting the event!

Joe Gardiner July 11, 20133:16 pm

I will be live blogging on the day so check this page for updates and links from the talks.

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