October 2013

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The CatN Team gets certified RedHat OpenStack Expertise

I’m pleased to announce that 6 members of the CatN team took part in RedHat’s OpenStack Administration course (CL210) last week and all 6 of them passed the RedHat Certificate of Expertise in Infrastructure as a Service Exam (EX210) at the end.

The training took place in our dedicated training lab in the attic of the CatN offices, and helps formalise the expertise our team has already gained from developing our MicroStack product, which gives you a complete OpenStack solution in a box starting from around £1,000 a month.

RedHat CL210 Training in the attic

This now brings our in our Red Hat qualifications qualifications to the following:

  • 4 RHCEs
  • 2 RHCSAs
  • 6 RedHat Certificates of Expertise Infrastructure as a Service

Many thanks to Gavin Spurgeon who was our course instructor and examiner for the course.

We have 2 more team members scheduled to take the CL210 training in the near future, which should hopefully bring our certified team members to 8.

Five reasons SMEs are not moving to the cloud

Despite the growth in adoption of cloud services there are still plenty of businesses resisting a move. We see a lot about large enterprise having concerns about security and sovereignty of data but what are the reasons SMEs are giving for not adopting cloud?

I have put together some responses to some of the concerns I have heard raised by SMEs.

  1. What will happen if the cloud company I use goes out of business?

    The key thing here is the way an application is developed. It is important to develop an application in a way that allows it to be moved to any cloud provider (PaaS or IaaS) if a serious problem occurs. As the industry standardises it becomes increasingly easy to do this through the use of deployment tools such as Puppet and Ansible. If you find yourself relying on specific features that only your current provider offers then you’re doing it wrong.

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CatN announces new service catalogue for G-Cloud 4 to assist government with cloud migration

CatN, a UK based cloud hosting company specialising in Open Source technology, announces the availability of its services on the new G-Cloud 4 Framework. CatN’s entire service catalogue is now available with the addition of several new consultancy services previously only available to private sector clients.

Mark Sutton, CatN Chief Technology Officer said:

Looking at the recent G-Cloud sales figures, it is easy to see that G-Cloud is starting to transform the way that government procures and undertakes IT projects, and to be a part of that is very important.

Joe Gardiner, CatN Head of Product added:

In round 4 of G-Cloud a rewritten version of our Platform as a Service product is now available. We have added more new features and made it even simpler to use applications such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal without any coding knowledge. We are seeing a shift away from IaaS towards PaaS in the IT industry so hopefully we will see a similar trend in G-Cloud 4.

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Controlling your costs on public cloud

Saving Money In The Cloud

You may already be using a public cloud service, or perhaps you’ve just decided to take the plunge. Either way it can difficult to control your costs, and often users will see much higher costs than expected, especially in the first few months.

When out in the community we see questions about public cloud costs come up again and again – in my opinion the problem isn’t helped by some of the complex pricing matrices that are out there.

How do I reduce my hosting bill?

Public cloud is all about burst – if your traffic spikes you can add instances as required to buff your app up. This is undoubtedly invaluable and at the core of public cloud’s (in particular IaaS) growth. However, it is important to remember that it is also a turn on, turn off service and for every minute your instance runs you are incurring costs. If you have a consistent minimum resource requirement then it can be cost effective to look at committed services where better rates are available for long term deals.

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Don’t miss our minty fresh new page content


Last week we took the opportunity to implement and publish long awaited additions to catn.com, some of which are more prominent than others so thought we would highlight them to you all.

CatN are an approved Government Procurement Service Supplier, however until now the only way to view our list of services has been to go directly to CloudStore. We created a new products page to provide a quick summary of our Government services, which has also been added to our menu under the products tab dropdown.

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