November 2013

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CatN hosts new Esther Rantzen charity

Providing scalable vCluster hosting service free of charge

Web hosting company, CatN, is providing its services free of charge to The Silver Line – – a new charity for elderly people that has been launched this week by TV presenter Esther Rantzen. CatN will host the charity’s website with web tools that have been designed to scale automatically to cope with significant spikes in traffic as awareness of The Silver Line grows.

There are 10 million older people over the age of 65 living in Britain today and 51 per cent of people over 75 live alone. Isolation and loneliness have a dramatically negative effect on older people, shortening their lives, creating depression, hastening the onset of dementia and causing physical effects such as malnutrition.

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CatN Profiles – Damion Parry

Each month we profile a different member of the CatN team so you can learn a little more about the experts tinkering away behind the scenes. Damion’s up this time!

Damion MugshotName
Damion Parry

Systems Administrator

Letters after name
BSc(Hons), NDip Arb

What do you do at CatN?
Sys Admin, Network Admin, part time developer, chasing my tail…

Now describe it in three words.
Fix the things

What made you get into your role?

It was a happy accident really, I keep flitting between being a developer & a sys admin. Now at CatN I get to be both.

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Platform as a Service billing explained

In this video Joe Gardiner explains why PaaS is important for reducing cost and waste when compared to dedicated hosting and in particular, infrastructure as a service.

IaaS is held up as an excellent solution for saving money by outsourcing IT requirements to the cloud, however there is still a lot of waste and complexity which can be solved by adopting PaaS. This is a growing market and the majority of IT market analysts agree that PaaS is set to grow over the next few years – Gartner in particular expect the PaaS market to be worth $2.9 billion in 2016.