December 2013

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CatN unveils next generation cloud hosting service

Cloud hosting company, CatN, has launched a next generation service called vCluster, a cloud hosting platform for PHP applications such as WordPress. The service has been designed to scale automatically so that websites can easily cope with spikes in traffic.

The vCluster Platform as a Service (PaaS), built entirely by CatN, is designed to be incredibly simple to use, allowing websites to scale up and down automatically without any need for manual interaction. vCluster has been designed for a host of users, from beginners to expert PHP developers.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Product at CatN, said:

Our aim with vCluster is to make cloud hosting fast and simple for all; it comes with an intuitive control panel so you only need to load your website or code onto the platform and it just works. No complicated documentation or configuration is required.

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How will the G-Cloud framework change over time?

In this video Simon Trigg, Head of Solutions talks about how he thinks the G-Cloud framework will develop. Which services will see the most sales, will G-Cloud still be dominated by consultancy services or will the new Digital Services framework see G-Cloud be solely for commodity services? From the series of interviews – G-Cloud 4: Cultivating Cloud Insight.