January 2014

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CatN’s Network Time Protocol Network


Time is important, especially when it comes to computers serving time-sensitive data. There is of course a very well established means of keeping computers in-sync with each other, indeed it’s one of the oldest protocols still in use on the Internet — Network Time Protocol (NTP).

One of the services CatN provides to our customers is a reliable time service. In order to do this we run a network of stratum 2 NTP servers which derive their time from diverse stratum 1 servers either directly on our network or maintained by organisations which we peer directly with, and these in turn are synchronised via a mix of GPS and PPS stratum 0 time sources.

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Domain service provider Livetodot announces new partnership with cloud hosting company CatN

Domain name registration company, Livetodot, today announces a new partnership with cloud hosting company, CatN. The two companies will be working closely together to offer integrated services to their customers.

Livetodot is an established and well respected company that has been offering domain registration for over 10 years. They were the first UK company offering .it domains and aim to centralise the domain registration process for as many extensions as possible to simplify domain registration and management.

Dana Kasprzyk, Head of Support at Livetodot said,

With CatN developing a range of exciting new products the time seemed right to work together. CatN are part of the cloud movement, and it is important for us to make sure our customers are able to benefit from the cloud services CatN offer. Over the coming months we’re going to be offering our customers a number of special offers for CatN services.

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