April 2014

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CatN is proud to have six Certified System Administrators in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack

One of our six certified developers, Jorge Serrano, who has successfully passed the rigorous course in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack, talks about the hands-on training. It has given him practical experience which will enable him to improve our customer experience. Congratulations Jorge and everyone, well done!

Having so many Red Hat experts in-house now makes us one of the most qualified OpenStack companies in the UK!

To see what other people who took the course with Jorge have to say watch this short video:


Important Update: The OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

A serious vulnerability to the OpenSSL project, named ‘Heartbleed’, was disclosed a couple of days ago. This vulnerability allows anyone on the internet to read information protected by vulnerable versions of OpenSSL, as the research team who discovered the vulnerability explain.

This bug affects a whole range of internet services such as email, instant messaging, virtual network connections and the web.

We immediately began updating all of our systems to the patched version of OpenSSL. This included vCluster which was never running a vulnerable version in production, but was updated to the patched version anyway. We will continue to monitor the situation and look at educating our intrusion detection systems to pick up activity patterns relating to this vulnerability.

What should our customers do?

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