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The CentOS Linux community are headed to CatN’s headquarters for the first UK Dojo event on the 12th July 2013.

CentOS Dojos are relaxed one day events for speakers in the Linux community to talk about advances in the operating system, system administration best practices, and their experiences using CentOS.

CatN are sponsoring the event on the 12th July and providing a venue to support the open source project which is at the core of the cloud hosting products they develop.

CatN Operations Director, Paul Maunders said:

We are delighted to be hosting a UK CentOS Dojo meet up at our offices in Aldershot. The CentOS Linux distribution is at the core of almost all of our operations at CatN. Our vCluster product is built on CentOS, most of our client work involves CentOS as the base OS, and we have 4 Red Hat Certified Engineers on staff, so you can see that we are big fans of the distro.

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SEO friendly web hosting. How friendly can it be?

One of the many considerations when choosing a web hosting service should be the impact it will have on the SEO of your website or a blog.

Laurence O'Toole - Analytics SEO

Laurence O’Toole – Founder of Analytics SEO

We met up with Laurence O’Toole, the founder and CEO of Analytics SEO, developers of an online SEO management software, to talk about the importance of hosting.

Do you agree with the term ‘SEO friendly hosting’? Is it correct to label some hosting as SEO unfriendly, and what are the signals that hosting alone will have a massively positive/negative effect on the SEO aspect of your online project?

That’s just a marketing ploy. A host could choose not to host dodgy or spammy sites, adult sites or any other type of site that is seen to be negative. In terms of hosting options, they could make configuring the server an easy task, as well as making sure it’s as fast as possible. They could also offer unique C class IPs as standard. But even if all those boxes were ticked, it doesn’t mean to say it’s “SEO friendly” as such. Short answer, it’s marketing fluff.

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