Paul Maunders


Paul is a co-founder of Fubra and CatN. He loves getting his hands dirty at a technical level, and retains an active interest in emerging web technologies.

The CatN Team gets certified RedHat OpenStack Expertise

I’m pleased to announce that 6 members of the CatN team took part in RedHat’s OpenStack Administration course (CL210) last week and all 6 of them passed the RedHat Certificate of Expertise in Infrastructure as a Service Exam (EX210) at the end.

The training took place in our dedicated training lab in the attic of the CatN offices, and helps formalise the expertise our team has already gained from developing our MicroStack product, which gives you a complete OpenStack solution in a box starting from around £1,000 a month.

RedHat CL210 Training in the attic

This now brings our in our Red Hat qualifications qualifications to the following:

  • 4 RHCEs
  • 2 RHCSAs
  • 6 RedHat Certificates of Expertise Infrastructure as a Service

Many thanks to Gavin Spurgeon who was our course instructor and examiner for the course.

We have 2 more team members scheduled to take the CL210 training in the near future, which should hopefully bring our certified team members to 8.

CatN to host UK CentOS Dojo in July

centos-dojo-catWe are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a UK Centos Dojo meet up at our offices in Aldershot on Friday 12th July 2013.

The CentOS Linux distribution is at the core of almost all of our operations at CatN. This website is hosted on our vCluster stack which is built on CentOS, most of our client work involves CentOS as the base OS, and we have 4 Red Hat Certified Engineers on site at Aldershot, so you can see that we are big fans of the distro.

Our CTO Mark attended the last European CentOS Dojo in Antwerp and loved it, so we thought it would be great to host one closer to home. This would also allow us to give something back to the project, on which a lot of our business depends.

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