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Domain service provider Livetodot announces new partnership with cloud hosting company CatN

Domain name registration company, Livetodot, today announces a new partnership with cloud hosting company, CatN. The two companies will be working closely together to offer integrated services to their customers.

Livetodot is an established and well respected company that has been offering domain registration for over 10 years. They were the first UK company offering .it domains and aim to centralise the domain registration process for as many extensions as possible to simplify domain registration and management.

Dana Kasprzyk, Head of Support at Livetodot said,

With CatN developing a range of exciting new products the time seemed right to work together. CatN are part of the cloud movement, and it is important for us to make sure our customers are able to benefit from the cloud services CatN offer. Over the coming months we’re going to be offering our customers a number of special offers for CatN services.

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CatN unveils next generation cloud hosting service

Cloud hosting company, CatN, has launched a next generation service called vCluster, a cloud hosting platform for PHP applications such as WordPress. The service has been designed to scale automatically so that websites can easily cope with spikes in traffic.

The vCluster Platform as a Service (PaaS), built entirely by CatN, is designed to be incredibly simple to use, allowing websites to scale up and down automatically without any need for manual interaction. vCluster has been designed for a host of users, from beginners to expert PHP developers.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Product at CatN, said:

Our aim with vCluster is to make cloud hosting fast and simple for all; it comes with an intuitive control panel so you only need to load your website or code onto the platform and it just works. No complicated documentation or configuration is required.

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CatN hosts new Esther Rantzen charity

Providing scalable vCluster hosting service free of charge

Web hosting company, CatN, is providing its services free of charge to The Silver Line – – a new charity for elderly people that has been launched this week by TV presenter Esther Rantzen. CatN will host the charity’s website with web tools that have been designed to scale automatically to cope with significant spikes in traffic as awareness of The Silver Line grows.

There are 10 million older people over the age of 65 living in Britain today and 51 per cent of people over 75 live alone. Isolation and loneliness have a dramatically negative effect on older people, shortening their lives, creating depression, hastening the onset of dementia and causing physical effects such as malnutrition.

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CatN announces new service catalogue for G-Cloud 4 to assist government with cloud migration

CatN, a UK based cloud hosting company specialising in Open Source technology, announces the availability of its services on the new G-Cloud 4 Framework. CatN’s entire service catalogue is now available with the addition of several new consultancy services previously only available to private sector clients.

Mark Sutton, CatN Chief Technology Officer said:

Looking at the recent G-Cloud sales figures, it is easy to see that G-Cloud is starting to transform the way that government procures and undertakes IT projects, and to be a part of that is very important.

Joe Gardiner, CatN Head of Product added:

In round 4 of G-Cloud a rewritten version of our Platform as a Service product is now available. We have added more new features and made it even simpler to use applications such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal without any coding knowledge. We are seeing a shift away from IaaS towards PaaS in the IT industry so hopefully we will see a similar trend in G-Cloud 4.

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The CentOS Linux community are headed to CatN’s headquarters for the first UK Dojo event on the 12th July 2013.

CentOS Dojos are relaxed one day events for speakers in the Linux community to talk about advances in the operating system, system administration best practices, and their experiences using CentOS.

CatN are sponsoring the event on the 12th July and providing a venue to support the open source project which is at the core of the cloud hosting products they develop.

CatN Operations Director, Paul Maunders said:

We are delighted to be hosting a UK CentOS Dojo meet up at our offices in Aldershot. The CentOS Linux distribution is at the core of almost all of our operations at CatN. Our vCluster product is built on CentOS, most of our client work involves CentOS as the base OS, and we have 4 Red Hat Certified Engineers on staff, so you can see that we are big fans of the distro.

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Thomas Cook Online migrates to a pCluster

Thomas Cook Online calls on CatN’s pCluster private cloud platform to host European e-commerce sites

Thomas Cook Online has chosen CatN Hosting to host its European e-commerce sites and ancillary services.

The seven figure deal, finalised today, sees CatN become Thomas Cook’s incumbent hosting provider for its entire Western Europe e-commerce operations, including, which has a combined annual turnover in excess of one billion GBP.

The agreement comes on the back of recent work by CatN, initially brought in by Thomas Cook as a skunkworks operation, which has resulted in the successful consolidation of fragmented online systems across seven data centres. CatN was briefed to drive IT efficiency and provide options for Thomas Cook, as the company encountered difficulties meeting its agile deployment requirements.

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