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Our Enterprise product is perfect for large businesses who want to drive innovation and agility in their business. Blogs about this service are in this category.

Evolution of our product names

What’s in a name? In the theme of explaining about the origin of our names here is a brief history of how we chose the names of our two main services, and how they have evolved over time.

vCluster is the name we use for our Shared Hosting product, the entry level hosting service we offer. The name came about as an abbreviation of the description of the service – a virtual slice of a cluster of servers. The hardware is primarily designed for multi-tenancy and to scale to meet individual sites needs without users needing to allocate resource manually, and is optimised for hosting PHP sites such as WordPress blogs.

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Sustainability in IT

Time for confessions – I’m a closet ‘Swampy’ – My lifestyle might not be very ‘alternative’ but one thing I am quite passionate about is sustainability.

A lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years from a number of industries and for a number of reasons: Altruists; those with an agenda, be it political, financial or practical; and those who just want to get noticed. IT has been an industry which is often very cutting edge with its ideas, but sometimes struggles with the sustainability in practice. Demands for increased computing power have resulted in higher energy consumption and demands for hardware refreshes have caused often fully serviceable hardware to be disposed of for no reason other than ‘its old’.

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