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Every now and again we update the website with new content, features and announcements regarding the status of our current products and development cycles.

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Last week we took the opportunity to implement and publish long awaited additions to, some of which are more prominent than others so thought we would highlight them to you all.

CatN are an approved Government Procurement Service Supplier, however until now the only way to view our list of services has been to go directly to CloudStore. We created a new products page to provide a quick summary of our Government services, which has also been added to our menu under the products tab dropdown.

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Presenting the all new CatN website, reducing the clutter and cleaning the cobwebs


Although we are concentrating our efforts on the upcoming launch of vCluster version 2, we have been working on a redesign of the website as a side task over the past few months.

Our focus on this version was to cut the clutter and get straight to the point, which has led to a sleeker, more stylish and polished design that is better organised and hopefully less confusing. Taking inspiration from previous versions we have redesigned the entire site to generate a cleaner, tidier interface with the intention of providing information that is concise and easier to locate.

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