Contact our network team to discuss peering with us today.



Contact our network team to discuss peering with us today.

We operate a network connecting multiple facilities in the south east and London, with multiple points of off-net IP transit. An important part of our network is peering.

Our Peering Policy

By peering with some of the larger ISPs and networks in the world we can rapidly serve content to visitors accessing our own, and our clients websites.

The faster and cheaper we can access other hosting providers, and major networks, the fresher our data can be and the better our sites will become for our users. So if you host content, we want to peer with you.

We run an open peering policy at the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and want to connect to as many autonomous networks as possible. There are a number of benefits to peering with us: around 7% of the on-line population in the UK visit our client’s websites every month.

We work with major e-commerce operations and deliver large amounts of e-commerce data throughout Europe on a daily basis.

Peering on LINX

Juniper LAN IP
Extreme LAN IP
AS AS35456
MD5 Available, not required
NOC TEL 0844 816 2222
Peering Policy Open
MAX Prefixes 10

Private Peering

Our network extends to a number of other locations round London and the south east of England. We are available for private peering at these locations. Contact us for further information.