How do you balance innovation with collaboration in your business?



How do you balance innovation with collaboration in your business?

CatN Enterprise is a holistic approach to service life-cycle management. Numerous services at all levels of the technology stack are integrated, delivered to the client, and pro-actively supported.

The Enterprise Way


Does your current supplier really get their hands dirty, or roll up their sleeves when there’s a crisis?


Creativity is often the missing ingredient to drive innovation and help you to redefine existing IT processes.


We are focused on our client’s needs and developing long term business partnerships.

CatN think like business owners, driven by getting the best deal for customers, minimising the waste and high risk that are common in many IT projects.

Mariano Albera Chief Technology Officer at Thomas Cook Online



We have a point of presence in highly secure List-X, Tier 3 and IL3 rated facilities. Consolidating power and cooling is an ongoing consideration to reduce PUE and offer cost effectiveness to our clients.


  • monitoringMonitoring

    A network of 100 monitoring nodes track core services with inclusive Layer 7 application monitoring.

  • securitySecurity

    CEH engineers manage intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning systems to ensure service security.

  • continuityBusiness Continuity

    We design bespoke backup strategies including replication, snapshotting and multi-site disaster recovery.

  • networkNetwork

    Our team specialises in integrating upstream providers to deliver a fully redundant, Gb/s full mesh network.

Setting up a website for the Government Olympic Communication team at short notice was a difficult task, with the usual tight deadlines and high security requirements.

Nick Sharp Head of Digital at Department for Culture, Media and Sport

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