The CatN blog has been a little quiet recently, but not without good reason.

The website, control panel, and support section that we launched as beta have all been getting a makeover, (or started from scratch in some cases), and are being prepared for our official product launch.

Here’s a quick summary of what we have been working on:

The Website

The vCluster product section has grown in size significantly, and has a new billing system, requiring a number of explanatory sub pages.We no longer have one front page for the entire product.

Our front page has been updated, outlining the main features and benefits of the vCluster, and proudly displaying some of our current clients who, incidentally, have all been migrated to a new vCluster. A product tour video is currently being produced and will shortly be replacing the much loved Huskies!

The product features have their own sub page, allowing us explain in more detail the key, and unique points about our product. We are no longer constrained by content rules, limiting the amount of block text on a single page. The redesign with sub-pages, and a more content concise brief for our designer has solved this problem.

Product pricing is now clearly explained, with a simpler monitoring system for concurrency and bandwidth. A support package has also been added to the vCluster pricing page. Two sub pricing pages, Concurrency Units, and Bandwidth, go into greater detail of our billing metrics, and offer the equations we use, and monitoring procedures to bill accurately and fairly.

Our new Control Panel, a key selling point, is given a product tour page, containing screen-casts of use, and many screenshots showing the control panel in various states.

A second hosting product, Dedicated, forms an additional product page, with a sub section for co-location hosting. Overview and features pages provide product information.

A final tech page goes into greater detail to explain our cluster architecture, the security employed, and the available expertise of the team.

Control Panel

The CatN Control Panel has been entirely re-worked.

A new navigation structure has been introduced, with bread crumbs above every panel, a dynamic sidebar, changing dependent on the vCluster you are viewing, and mouse over navigation for vCluster’s listed in the main dashboard.

The database, access and ssh settings have been separated onto individual dedicated pages, resulting in more logical and intuitive navigation for the user, and an easier platform to build tutorials on in the support section.

A statistics page with tabbed time periods enables users to view latency and total requests etc for their vCluster. Graphs are produced from data requested from our environment logging system with 180 second accuracy.

Throughout the control panel security settings are easily changeable, with new password screens for database and access settings, as well as a password generator for regular password changing.

The support and help guides section for the main CatN site have been integrated into the control panel, offering easy access to help, as well as an instant chat option if guides offer no solution.


Our support service has been reviewed and split into two packages.

All hosting options are given the free support option:

  • Support during office hours (9am to 6pm GMT)
  • Email support
  • Instant Messaging
  • Phone support
  • 2 hour response

Premium support incurs a monthly charge, but offers:

  • 24hour support
  • Instant Messaging
  • Telephone
  • A personal support rep
  • 20 minute response time

A sub section on our main vCluster pricing page addresses support options, as well as a more in depth features page under the Support section of the CatN website.


So there you have, a lot of hard work, and possible not a short summary! All these features will be launched in a staggered manner, starting with the control panel, then rolling out and continuing to develop the main site and support options. Stay posted for more information and remember to follow us on Twitter.


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