Due to a recent departure of the developer maintaining WPSQT and CDN Sync Tool there has been a lapse in development and maintenance of both of these plugins. For this we apologise.

I have now picked up on the maintenance of these two plugins and so bugs and issues should start to be resolved. If you encounter a bug while using either of these plugins we would appreciate it if you could submit a bug report to the GitHub repo for WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool. Although if you do not have a GitHub account then you can report the issue to the forum for either WPSQT or CDN Sync Tool.

Update [13/12/2011]: With the latest WordPress 3.3 update CDN Sync Tool is now very broken. I am in the process of rewriting it entirely to fix these issues and all other issues as well. No definite ETA but it should be ready before the new year.

Update [13/03/2012]: CDN Sync Tool has been completely rewritten and released. Full details here.


The main issues that have been reported with WPSQT are:

  • Multisite – plugin doesn’t work at all
  • Email notifications
  • Menus are over complex and confusing
  • Customisation wanted with the survey chart
  • Lots of issues with the ‘likert’ type

CDN Sync Tool

The main issues that have been reported with CDN Sync Tool are:

  • Syncing occasionally doesn’t even work
  • Edited files are not synced
  • Errors connecting to CloudFiles

We appreciate your help and continued use of these plugins.


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  1. ajbertra91 says:

    Can you please flesh out a more detailed tutorial on how to create custom pages: the post “WPSQT – Creating custom pages” just doesn’t get me to the finish line… I need more info.

  2. Patrick says:

    Anything new on the CDN Sync Tool fix for WP 3.3?

    • Yep. Working on it now, complete rewrite so it’s taking a while. It will be on my GitHub repo when it’s usable so if you would like to do an early beta test then I’ll get you a link. May I ask which CDN you would be using it with?

      • Patrick says:

        I’d be happy to test it if you like.

        I use Cloudfiles. I can also test w/ Amazon if that helps.

      • Louie says:


        I use & love CDN Sync tool with Amazon S3 / CloudFront if you want someone to Beta Test the plugin, I would be happy to do so.

        Will the rewrite include object invalidation for Amazon CloudFront Objects, when applicable? If not, I would like to submit some code to help get that in the final version.



  3. Patrick says:

    No worries, Thanks.

  4. Ronald says:

    Hi Ollie,

    Thanks for the update of this plugin. I am still testing this on one of my client sites. One problem I encountered is the form when someone take a quiz is not logged in it sends an email notifying as a anonymous user and not capturing the name entered into the form. Let us know if this is a bug.

  5. Jacob says:

    Some documentation this time around would be appreciated.

  6. […] you are probably aware, CDN Sync Tool has been very broken for a while and actually unusable since the WordPress 3.3 […]

  7. Brooke says:

    I get the error:
    PHP Sessions error. Check your sessions settings.

    Immediately and cannot get the past the user entering their name and email address. If I remove asking for the name and email, I get the error when I submit the survey. The website is http://www.pcmsc.org. there is a menu item: Interest Survey that will take you to the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. juniardi says:

    how to export the survey result into xls file ??

  9. Zoe says:

    Are you guys still working on WPSQT?? I want to use it for a client and posted an issue on Git hub re the answer explanations not displaying a month ago…

    It would be great to know if you are still supporting this or not…

    • Joe Gardiner says:

      Hi Zoe, we have temporarily paused work on this plugin whilst we focus on a couple of other WordPress projects needing our attention more urgently. Our plugin developers are planning to continue work on this plugin in the next four to six weeks. I thought there was a notification on the GitHub page but it appears as though there isn’t one so I will investigate this now for you!

      I will ask one of our devs to have a look at the open issues this week. In the mean time if you manage to resolve any of the bugs you have found then please contribute back to the GitHub repo :)