Following our success in Innovation Launchpad we have been meeting with various Government departments and civil servants to discuss projects that we can be involved in. The most exciting of these was the new G-Cloud programme, essentially a strategy to begin moving Government IT services to cloud providers. We can view the services we offer on our G-cloud page.

CatN was invited to become a foundation delivery partner and early adopter of the programme. Following various scoping sessions in the new year we will be offering our services in a cloud catalogue, allowing Government to procure on-demand computing services. This will cut out the long 10 year plus contracts that projects are tied in on, and massively reduce expenditure, as well as agility in procuring services. Of course all the benefits that cloud computing offers such as elasticity and resilience will also play a huge factor in improving the way Government procures IT, and also how much it costs them!

Chris Chant, Executive Director in the Cabinet Office, spoke about G-Cloud and what he is trying to achieve at the Institute for Government in London.

I will very shortly be publishing a report comparing last years website metrics for department websites with the report released earlier this year to see if the new Government ICT strategy has had any affect yet in reducing expenditure.

The best place to read the Government’s plans for cloud services within their overall ICT strategy is on the Cabinet Office website,


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