I met with Lee and Ali last year to talk about SocialBizzle.com and how CatN vCluster could help their business grow not only through stable, fast hosting, but also through a partnership with CatN. My objective is to build an eco-system of innovative, creative businesses who can offer additional services to CatN customers. SocialBizzle certainly fit the bill, and we’re currently discussing how we can work together.

SocialBizzle came to us with a problem. Their current hosting was slow, and they were concerned about downtime. Reputation is everything, so downtime is a disaster for a new business! CatN ticked all the boxes as a fast, stable hosting company, and our vCluster product was perfect for their needs. With a simple payment structure which allowed SocialBizzle to scale, and a platform designed specifically for hosting PHP application like WordPress, vCluster was the perfect solution.

“We were looking for hosting that was reliable and affordable but at the same time would cater to us as we grew. CatN delivered each of these objectives and also provided excellent support.”

Ali Gallop, Founder – SocialBizzle.com

To help the guys get moving quickly, the CatN engineer team migrated the SocialBizzle.com website to the new vCluster free of charge. We made sure that all the site functionality remained intact, and even helped SocialBizzle update their DNS records. This created a great development environment for them to complete their site before going live.

Just before the launch of SocialBizzle.com, they contacted CatN again with some performance concerns relating to their website. We quoted for the work and put a CatN WordPress expert to work improving the website load time. After a couple of hours work the average page load time went down from 7.5 seconds to just under 2 seconds. Even on the homepage which contains third party hosted HD video content which cannot be cached, the page load time improved from 13 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

Moving forwards with the SocialBizzle team, we are currently discussing a partnership to allow us to offer their Facebook training services at a discounted rate to our CatN clients. We want to create an eco-system of companies who can add real value to our clients, and whose services will help our clients businesses and websites grow.

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