This week I’ve been working at Fubra Ltd and focusing on the design side of things. I’ve been working with Nick mainly. Although I didn’t have a major understanding of the technical side of CatN after researching a bit and talking to the developers I began to understand the idea of vClusters and pClusters.

When I arrived I was given a task brief for the week, but first I had to research some more about CatN, vClusters and pClusters.

The guys told me they needed an infographic displaying the timeline of vCluster features in CatN over the past few years but left it up to me about how to display it in my unique way. I began to look up what an infographic was and got together some initial ideas on paper and then scanned them in to use in Adobe Illustrator.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I didn’t like these versions, so I moved on to a final idea.

For each of the different facts I had to graphically represent the data. So I ended up drawing a little picture out for each fact.

By the third day I had this completed and ready to put onto the site. I then progressed this idea by putting it into Flash and creating an interactive programme to view all the facts after first messing around on Flash creating little cartoons to practice.

All together I have enjoyed my week and learned a lot about the working environment and about the roll I was doing. I have also learned a lot about Flash and new tools in illustrator.

Click on the image below to preview my finished Infographic.


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