If you’d asked me about Linux 3 months ago I’d have muttered about Ubuntu before quickly changing the subject to whether anyone wanted a cuppa and made a run for the nearest door; I can now proudly say I’ve configured my first LAMP stack and even edited a database with positive results!

One of the things I wanted to get my head around from week 1 was Linux, I had seen it used but that was about as far as it went. The email saying ‘why don’t you have a go at setting up a LAMP stack?’ had me quaking in my boots, but the one thing I did know about Linux was that the community support was great – so off I went to ask ‘where on earth do I begin?’

Thankfully, everyone starts where I did and I found several comprehensive guides very quickly. Once I had given my Mac Mini enough RAM to actually run Linux on a VM I was off, familiarising myself with the Centos GUI and changing my root password like a pro (well, something like that…). Before too long I had added phpMyAdmin and was downloading open source stock-management software to evaluate for the stock room I built here at the office. Having found a suitable application I managed to amaze myself by editing stock categories in the SQL database to suit my needs and adding users and editing permissions with dexterity!

I still have a huge amount to learn, but I can honestly say I’m no longer just another .exe simpleton. The community support is fantastic; every question I have come up with has been answered clearly and comprehensively on forums, often with extra information to help me understand the ‘bigger picture’ as I go.

I’m looking forward to learning more as I go, my only frustration now is getting home and turning on my Windows PC and asking why I cant do something I know can be done in Linux!

Guides I used were:


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