As I said in my previous vCluster update post earlier this month, I want to publish regular updates as we approach the launch of vCluster version 2. So what have we been working on over the last few weeks, and what have we achieved?

Database Migrations

As existing customers will have seen, we have carried out three maintenance windows over the last couple of weeks. These windows were to migrate and virtualise our existing production database servers to new hardware, and to perform a round of software updates on the new guests.

These migrations released hardware to allow our engineers to begin building a production hosting environment ready for the new vCluster code. As you may have read in Huw’s blog a week ago, sustainability in IT is important for us, so we will reuse instead of procuring new hardware where possible.

These migrations were successful, and this week engineers have begun working on the production networking and hosting stack. This is a major step and takes us significantly closer to an alpha testing phase.

Control Panel Development

Software development continues well with some notable achievements over the last couple of weeks. We have spent some time making sure that invoicing and in particular future invoicing works well. This was one issue regularly reported by customers so it was important for us to resolve it. You will be able to view future invoices in the new control panel on-demand to keep a closer track on the resources you are using.

The other features that have been added are as follows:

  • Modified cron job management in the control panel to allow drag and drop re-ordering of jobs.
  • Added database resource usage stats and readonly mode with a warning when disk space allowance is exceeded.
  • Manually created vHosts on the filesystem now appear in the control panel with the option to add them as sites.
  • Future / next invoices are now listed and can be viewed in the control panel via the dashboard calendar widget.


With a complete rewrite of the control panel the entire guide and support section has also had to be re-written. This is a work in progress, and we are taking the opportunity to improve the navigation and general usability of the support section. This includes merging the FAQ, Glossary and Guides section into a single searchable section of the website.

We have also spent a lot of time working towards ISO 27001 accreditation. With the rise in interest from the UK Government we have decided to commit time to becoming IL3 accredited to host sensitive data. Part of this work included implementing an Information Security Management System and documenting our practices in the business. This is a large undertaking for an SME, but we are approaching it from an Agile and disruptive perspective; I’ll write a blog detailing this soon.

As we continue to make progress I will post further updates. Thanks for your continued support!


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