CatN to host UK CentOS Dojo in July

19th June 2013 by Paul Maunders

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a UK Centos Dojo meet up at our offices in Aldershot on Friday 12th July 2013. The CentOS Linux distribution is at the core of almost all of our operations at CatN. …

OpenSSL CSR Generation Wizard

19th June 2013

Generate an SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and RSA Private Key in a single command by entering your details below.

Generating a CSR with Apache OpenSSL

17th June 2013

CatN have been offering hosting services for a number of years now, with one common request from our customers being the ability to provide and install SSL Certificates for their hosting products. The first stage in the process is to …

Who let the cat out of the blog?

10th June 2013

The old adage ‘content is king’ has never been more relevant, especially with Google evolving in the way it is. High value content is not only vital for attracting visitors and engaging with communities, it is also an incredibly useful …

Working with Virtual Machine images

7th June 2013

CatN engineers spend a lot of time working with virtual machine images. We have put together this useful list of commonly used commands and procedures to help you get started on your next project. For simplicity we assume to work …

Add a virtual storage device to a Virtual Machine

5th June 2013 by Nicola Asuni

Following our previous article about resizing virtual machine images, we now look adding an additional storage device to an existing VM. If instead you wish to extend the existing VM storage volumes, please consult the article “Resize a CentOS Virtual …

Resize a CentOS Virtual Machine Image

3rd June 2013

Following our series of articles about virtual machine images, we now look at a common problem faced by system engineers – what happens when you run out of disk space on your virtual machine? This guide addresses this issue and …