We transform organisations through the power of DevOps and Cloud Computing, working with clients to acquire insight, knowledge and ways of working that effect powerful change.


Beyond DevOps

We believe that how you approach development has an impact on every part of your organisation. Our methodology for collaboration kick starts progressive cultural change, enabling business-wide digital thinking.


We started small, but now…

CatN was founded in 2010 to provide technology services to a small network of partner companies. Today we find ourselves breaking down complexity at the heart of enterprise business, and removing the barriers to successful DevOps Adoption.

We are part of the Fubra Group


Our business is based on the shared values of creativity, committment, and enthusiasm.

The Big Cheeses


Liz Hayward Growth Director

What makes CatN exciting for me?
Being able to tap into the technical genius of Mark Sutton!

I am energised by the fact that business transformation can often be such an uphill struggle – yet we are able to use our huge experience to inspire our clients, putting to rest all the messy difficult headaches that often get in the way of awe-inspiring change.

I absolutely love creating new stuff, and enabling others to create great stuff. Business is definitely my favourite platform for creative expression.


Harry Hayden CEO

What makes CatN exciting for me?
I love being part of a team that is so committed to enabling businesses to extract optimum advantage from technology. At CatN we help our clients make the most of what Cloud has to offer them, removing barriers to progress and creating significant value-add to their bottom line.

My two big passions in life are business and skiing. When I’m not on the slopes, I believe in making good business happen; driving positive change and powering towards growth.


Mark Sutton CTO and co-founder

What makes CatN exciting for me?
Quite simply it inspires me to plug in my brain and innovate through technology, and the people that I work with here give me the energy to deliver amazing IT systems.

Apart from live music and Dj-ing the odd set, Cloud Computing is my passion in life. The powerful potential that Cloud can unlock in business gives me that “Yes!” feeling every time I work with a new client and realise the impact we are making to their way of life.

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