We believe that private Cloud hosting is the future for all businesses.

In a highly competitive marketplace, the ability to innovate and respond to change is key. Our Enterprise Cloud unifies IT to reduce wasteful complexity within the business and create a single minded vision of a truly digital culture.

You have a great IT team, but imagine what you could achieve if you freed up your IT resources from ongoing daily maintenance. Our clients tell us that by reducing complexity we have empowered them to work on high value projects in their business.

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A custom fit cloud for your business


Let’s evolve your business IT

Traditional IT is about your staff managing complexity often resulting in fire fighting. Are you giving your IT teams an opportunity to innovate? Deploy a simple cloud infrastructure platform that spans the business and you’ll free up your staff from the day to day running and maintenance of IT, allowing them an opportunity to create value in your business.


Make sure you boost your cloud ROI

The way that IT is procured is changing. With cloud, there is no longer a need for huge upfront capital expenditure. You can invest in cloud for very little cost, and with flexible terms you can scale your footprint to match your needs. We can help you treat IT as an internal service so you can consume it more efficiently and eradicate wasted capacity.


Applications are important

Imagine what you could achieve if all your IT talent was focused on your business applications instead of the infrastructure. Supporting DevOps and Agile methodologies, with Enterprise Cloud your dev teams can create portable, infrastructure agnostic apps so you can easily migrate your applications and leverage the ever more commoditised IaaS market.


Manage your IT in a single location

The ongoing battle against legacy and technical debt is costly – give yourself the upper hand by centralising your IT management. By consolidating disparate systems you can easily capture and automate all your IT processes producing technology collateral in your business. Manage this within our simple dashboard and very quickly you’ll see how IT can work for you, instead of against you.


Get buy in by supporting cloud adoption

Any change in business carries risk. With a proven, vendor backed cloud we’ve got the tech covered. The remaining challenge is making sure that you get buy-in and adoption across all levels of your business. Through careful consultation and open communication in workshop and seminar format, we’ll bring your staff and colleagues on board and make them cloud power users in no time.


Give yourself that competitive edge

IT is now the key to being competitive. It isn’t just about the tools, it’s also about the people behind them. We’re passionate about helping our customers’ business grow and understand that most businesses today are software businesses. Combining our expertise with carefully selected partner tools we create bespoke clouds that support your strategy and plans for market dominance!

In a recent survey of 200 senior IT decision makers by IDG, 84% said that OpenStack private cloud is part of the future plans in their business.

Why should your business use enterprise private cloud?


Pricing equivalent public cloud with industry leading support. There’s no setup cost, no upfront CAPEX for hardware, just simple monthly payments that reflect the service level you require.


Consolidate disparate systems and automate IT processes, facilitating connectivity between different parts of the business. Imagine being able to deploy hundreds of servers at the click of a button in a few minutes!


We use the open-source technology OpenStack, which means freedom for your business. There’s no vendor lock in, and you get complete visibility into your cloud.

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