No long term contracts or lengthy procurement processes. Just cloud IT services, immediately available to the public sector – central and local government – on a pre qualified framework.

G-Cloud is about changing to a cloud first approach in government. This includes helping organisations to be more flexible and agile with the ultimate goal of making services better for citizens. It all starts with technology, and the underlying infrastructure. That’s why we’re proud to have been a part of the G-Cloud journey from the start.

  • Pre approved supplier so you can buy now.
  • Services provided from secure, Tier 3 facilities.
  • Save money by only paying for what you need.
  • Avoid the cost of bespoke services.
  • History of providing cloud to the public sector.
  • Really approachable and ready to discuss options.

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Our services

PHP & MySQL Cloud Hosting Platform

A fully managed, scalable platform for hosting PHP applications such as WordPress. It is very flexible and is available on monthly terms from just £5 per month.

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OpenStack Private Cloud Hosting

An open source, Private Cloud service available on monthly terms with no upfront costs – backed by Red Hat. fully supported and managed, and supports open standards.

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Cloud Service Pilot Platform

We’ll setup and migrate a number of users from your organisation to a cloud platform. We’ll workshop with technical and commercial stake holders.

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Migration To Cloud Services

We’ll work with you in a workshop / lab session format to assess and report on your business application’s state and readiness for a migration to a cloud platform.

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Cloud Adoption Assessment And Guidance

We’ll work to understand your motives for wanting to adopt cloud services then identify and ring fence the area earmarked for a migration.

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Cloud Capacity Planning Service

We will determine the infrastructure to be migrated to cloud services, select multiple candidate services that meet needs, then identify cost efficiency opportunities.

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Linux Physical To Virtual Server Conversions

We will virtualise your existing physical servers enabling you to migrate them between infrastructure service providers and leverage cost saving opportunities.

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Complex Legacy Application Migration

Migrating legacy systems to cloud is hugely expensive and carries risk. We will call on our extensive experience to create and deliver a successful migration plan.

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How to buy from us on G-Cloud

  1. Understand what you need, plus a list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘wants’.
  2. Make sure you have approval to buy what you need.
  3. Create your longlist through an initial keyword search on Cloud Store.
  4. Review your longlist to create your shortlist.
  5. Direct award or assess your options to find the best value for money.
  6. Select your service, award and call-off agreement.

This guide was taken from, and is available in full from the Buyer’s Guide on the website.

Using the Cloud Store gives you a great way to compare a huge number of suppliers and assess the value and price of the services they offer. Remember, if you have any questions about the service to get in touch with our friendly team who will be able to help you.

When you have selected one of our services we’ll be able to work through the order form and often complete the transaction same day!

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Get in touch to speak with one of our G-Cloud experts. No hard sales here, just a relaxed chat about your cloud strategy.