A combination of powerful dev tools and a simple control panel

  • Manage hundreds of sites on one account.
  • Boost your ranking with a dedicated IP and SSL.
  • Fast and secure for big ecommerce sites.
  • Pay for what you use as your site grows.
  • Designed to love WordPress.
  • Bottleneck-proof SSD storage.

Pricing designed to scale with you

£25 a month

Your account includes expert 24/7 support, rock solid cloud reliability and awesome PHP app performance.

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Need to turn your app off? Suspend your account at any time at the click of a button. Charged Monthly, all prices exclude VAT.

Base Package £25.00 a month
Additional 5 FTP Accounts £0.50 a month
Additional 5 GB of Storage £1.00 a month
Additional DB £2.00 a month
Additional 1 GB of Storage £1.00 a month
1GB Data Transfer £0.10 a month
1 CPU Megatick £0.01 a month

Web hosting that works for you

WordPress PHP Application

Tested compatibility for PHP applications

We love WordPress too. It’s fun to use and simple to manage – it should be just as simple to set up hosting for it. PHP Hosting is continuously tested to make sure that when you bring us your next client project your selection of PHP app will work out of the box. Stop tinkering with the hosting and get on with what you do best.

Spiked Traffic Website Live

Stay online through traffic spikes

Your client has launched their new site and now it’s scaling up to millions of users. PHP Hosting has the power to automatically assign resources to keep the site online and fast. There’s no need to write any extra code, play with complex config or manually increase sliders in a control panel. Just sit back, relax, and watch the traffic grow.

Webmaster's Desktop with Coffee & no Downtime

Stop worrying about down time

We understand that your reputation with your clients depends on the hosting you select being solid. For that reason there are multiple servers powering every site hosted on PHP Hosting meaning there is no single point of failure. With all this power under the hood you get rock solid stability as well as amazing speed from your web hosting.

Setting up a site with tablet & keyboard

Get your site set up quickly and easily

We built PHP Hosting to be as simple as possible. You can install your favourite PHP applications quickly and simply with one-click in the control panel. We’ve installed useful tools to make tasks like importing a database quick and easy. If you like the command line we’ve made tools such as Git and Subversion available so you can pull your code down from the cloud without any fuss.

Backed up Websites

A simple way to keep your sites backed up

Taking backups is vital, but things can complicated pretty quickly. We’ve built a free set of tools available in our control panel to make taking a backup a simple task instead of a chore. Just click a button and download the file, job done. If you like command line access you can make backups an automated task with an editable crontab.

Phone or Online Support for PHP Hosting

Supported by experts, around the clock

Can you remember the name of the last support agent you spoke with? Our customers can. PHP Hosting is supported 24/7 by the same people who built it from the ground up. When you get in touch with our team they can connect you with expert engineers, ready and waiting to solve your problem.

Do you want to learn more about the technology powering PHP Hosting?

Take a look at the FAQs

Take a look under the bonnet

SSH key management and access

Crontab access on the command line

Git and SVN command line tools

SSL functionality (one per IP)

Access and PHP error logs available

Multiple FTP account management

Apache configuration manager

Backup management tools

Say hello to some happy customers

InsanelyMac Founder

Ed Gain

Founder, InsanelyMac

CatN is really simple to use compared to other shared hosting suppliers. The performance and service is great, better than MediaTemple.

Esvelte Company Director

Oskar Smith

Company Founder, Esvelte

CatN provides us with all the power, control and scalability we need but without the worry of having to set up and maintain our own servers. It is a PHP web developer’s dream!

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